Have a question about Trego County? Your answer might be right here. We also have contact information and department-specific FAQs available on department pages for your convenience. [accordion-section title="How do I pay a court fine?"] If you know the amount of fines and fees owed you can mail a money order or cashier’s check to: Trego County District Court, 216 N. Main, WaKeeney, KS 67672. You can also pay with debit or credit card by calling District Court at 785-743-2148 or logging on to www.citepayusa.com/ks. (There is a 4% fee to the credit card company for paying with a debit or credit card.) [/accordion-section][accordion-section title="How do I record a deed (land, mortgage, oil & Gas leases)?"] In order to record a document you will need the following:
  • Must be original document, signed and notarized.
  • Filing fees must accompany all documents for recording.
The filing fee schedule can be obtained either from the Register of Deeds office located at 216 North Main, WaKeeney, KS 67672 or by calling 785-743-6622 or via the link www.ksrods.org/fee-schedule. The documents may be mailed to Register of Deeds, 216 N Main, WaKeeney, KS 67672 or hand-delivered or by agent. If you have questions, please call the Register of Deeds Office at 785-743-6622. [/accordion-section][accordion-section title="How do I register to vote?"] Qualified persons may register to vote at the County Clerk’s office located at 216 N Main, WaKeeney, KS 67672 by requesting an application form or downloading a Voter Registration Application at www.kssos.org/forms/elections/voterregistration.pdf If you have changed your name or address, contact the County Clerk at 785-743-5773 to update your voter registration information. Qualifications to register to vote are: must be a U.S. citizen and a resident of the State of Kansas, have reached the age of 18 before the next statewide general election, have abandoned your former residence and/or name, and have your civil rights restored, if convicted of a felony. Proof of U.S. Citizenship – A list of valid U.S. citizenship documents can be found at www.gotvoterid.com. First time voter registration in Kansas: must provide proof of U.S. Citizenship. [/accordion-section][accordion-section title="How do I request an open record?"] You may check the Kansas State website www.kdheks.gov/open_records.html to obtain the information on what records can be provided and also the list of exceptions. Steps for State Open Records Requests:
  • Requests for records must be in writing or by email. A KDHE Open Records Request form may be found at www.kdheks.gov/open_records.html
  • Email the form to KORA_Officer@kdheks.org
  • Send by USPS to KORA, KDHE, 1000 SW Jackson, Suite 560, Topeka, KS 66612
  • FAX to 785-296-7119
Or you may contact the county department the open record pertains to. The department will assist you with your “Open Record” request. There may be fees associated with this request. [/accordion-section][accordion-section title="How do I obtain a Building Permit from the County?"] Forms can be obtained from the County Clerk’s office. Form must be filled out, signed and approved. A copy will be provided to the person requesting the permit. [/accordion-section][accordion-section title="How do I pay my taxes?"] Taxes may be paid with cash, check or debit/credit card. If paying by debit or credit card, there is a convenience fee associated with this type of payment. You can pay your taxes online using one of the two credit card services: Access Kansas and Official Payments. If you do not receive your tax statement by December 1, please contact the Treasurer’s office at 785-743-2001. [/accordion-section][accordion-section title="How do I renew my car tags/license plates?"] Please bring the renewal form from the Kansas Department of Revenue, current proof of insurance and payment to the Treasurer’s office located at 216 N Main, WaKeeney, KS 67672. You may also renew online at www.kswebtags.org. [/accordion-section][accordion-section title="What if I have lost or misplaced my car tags/license renewal forms?"] If you have lost or misplaced your renewal form, you can reprint the form at http://mvs.dmv.kdor.ks.gov/PrintRenewals/ [/accordion-section][accordion-section title="How can I view property values & taxes?"] Trego County taxpayers can look up the current year and prior year real estate tax information by using the Online Property Tax Search provided by the Treasurer’s office. [/accordion-section][accordion-section title="Where can I renew my driver's license?"] The Treasurer’s office is a Kansas renewal station for licenses other than CDL’s. The hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. [/accordion-section][accordion-section title="How do I sign up for weather alerts?"] We encourage all residents and businesses to go to the www.tregocountyks.com website, click on the CodeRED logo located at the right-side of the Home Page and enter their contact information, including additional phone numbers, text and email addresses, to ensure all of the data in our system is accurate and current. If you know of anyone who did not receive this call who lives in Trego County, please encourage them to visit www.tregocountyks.com website and enter their information. If you do not have Internet access, please contact a friend or family member to help add your contact information to the emergency database. You can also call Kathleen Fabrizius, Emergency Management Director directly at 785-743-2753 for assistance. That is 785-743-2753. [/accordion-section]