County Commissioners

County Commissioners Responsibilities

The county commissioners are responsible for:
  • Approving and managing budget
  • Set County policy
  • Set tax levy's
  • Making citizen appointments to County boards
The commissioners also take on the roles of public manager, community leader, citizen liaison and legislators. They are required to interpret county government decisions, communicate citizen's needs, hear and resolve complaints about county services and communicate with the board appointees.

Commissioner Districts

  • Commissioner District #1 consists of Glencoe Township, Ogallah Township, Riverside Township, WaKeeney City East Precinct and Wilcox Township. Diana Parke is currently serving her 1st term. Her term expires January 2019.
  • Commissioner District #2 consists of Franklin Township, WaKeeney Township and WaKeeney City Central Precinct. Wesley Hobbs is currently serving his 2nd term. His term expires January 2021.
  • Commissioner District #3 consists of Collyer City Precinct, Collyer Township, and WaKeeney City West Precinct. Jared Hager is currently serving his 1st term. His term expires January 2021.