Fire Safety

Fires can happen just as quickly and unexpectedly as the potential disasters listed above. You should be just as prepared for fires as natural disasters. You must realize that in a fire, you will not have the kind of warning you have with storms. However, you should have escape routes from your home already planned out. This will greatly increase your chances of survival. Follow these tips below and make sure you and your parents work on a fire plan if you don't already have one.
  • Know two escape routes from each room in your house.
  • Practice your escape routes frequently.
  • Have a designated safe meeting place outside your home.
  • Have a smoke detector on each floor, especially near bedrooms.
  • Have your family choose a local and out-of-state contact person. Make sure everyone in the family has these numbers memorized.
If a fire does happen in your house, stay calm, keep low to the ground, and remember what you and your family have practiced!