Management Plan

I. Acreage Inventory

Trego has 576,000 acres of land in the county.
  • 0.5732% or 312,908 acres are range land
  • 0.323% or 186,000 acres are crop land
  • 0.0573% or 33,000 acres are CRP
  • 0.0265%or 15,242 acres are wildlife and parks
  • 0.0026% or 1,500 acres are towns
  • 0.00406% or 2,350 acres are I-70 and highways
  • 0.0173% or 10,000 acres are roads and trails
100%, 576,000 acres.

II. Noxious Weed Control

A. County Land

Treated by Noxious Weed Department:
  • Bindweed: 1,500 estimated acres
  • Musk Thistle: 4.0 estimated acres
  • Canadian Thistle: 1 estimated acre
  • Johnson grass: 100 estimated acres

B. State Highways

Treated by Noxious Weed Department:
  • Bindweed: 800 estimated acres
  • Musk Thistle: 80 estimated acres
  • Canadian Thistle: 2 estimated acres
  • Johnson grass: 12 estimated acres
The Noxious Weed Department will work with the State Highway Department to assure noxious weeds are sprayed.

C. Cities

Treated by city personnel or county Noxious Weeds Department:
  • Bindweed: 320 estimated acres
City and county will coordinate enforcement efforts.

D. Railroad

Contracted to helicopter:
  • Bindweed: 100 estimated acres
  • Musk Thistle: 0 estimated acres
  • Johnson grass: 0 estimated acres
Enforcement: Trego County Noxious Weeds Department will hire a helicopter to spray undetermined miles of railroad right-of-ways.

E. Private Land

Treated by landowner or tenant:
  • Bindweed: 100,000 estimated acres
  • Musk Thistle: 16,709 estimated acres
  • Canadian Thistle: 243 estimated acres
  • Johnson grass: 150 estimated acres
  • Bur Ragweed: 250 estimated acres
The annual notification of noxious weeds will be placed in the local paper and on the Trego County website.

Complaints will be followed up with phone calls to owner/tenant with a request they spray weeds and notify the department within 10 days.

If necessary, postcards will be mailed out the 1st of August on Bindweed, Musk Thistle, and Canadian Thistle.

If landowner/tenant fails to notify the Noxious Weeds department of control, the department sends:
  • An official notice - and if landowner/tenant fails to control
  • Issue legal notice - and landowner/tenant fails to control
  • Have property treated and issue a statement of treatment costs plus 10% penalty and, if landowner/tenant does not pay
  • Issue proof of notification for Noxious Weed lien assessment

III. Vegetation Management Program

A. Brush Control

Trego County will do brush control in the winter or when time allows.

B. Common Weed Control

As funding permits, spray ¼ of county roads in the fall, between November 15 and December 15. The balance of the county roads in the spring during May, June, and July. In future years as common weed control is obtained.

C. Intersections

Intersections will be carefully sprayed by using common weed control to achieve good broadleaf control and maintain public safety.

D. Mowing

Trego County Noxious Weeds department does not mow. The Public Works department - Road & Bridge maintains mowing.

IV. Survey Program

Ten (10) sections will be surveyed in a year. Data from this check will be entered into the computer; maps of sections will be filed with the survey report for future references.

V. Outreach

A. Media Information

Media information articles on noxious weeds will be published in the local paper on this schedule:
  • February and March - Articles on Musk Thistle, every week for 4 weeks
  • April and May - Articles on Musk Thistle, 2 weeks straight
  • Articles on Bindweed, every other week for 4 weeks
  • Articles on Canadian Thistle, every other week for 4 weeks
  • June - Reminder articles to watch for Bolted Musk Thistle, Bindweed, etc.
  • July and August - Articles on Bindweed control, every other week for 4 weeks
  • September and October - Articles on Bindweed & Musk Thistle fall spraying, every other week for 4 weeks.

B. Meeting

Hold a spring meeting on control of Musk Thistle, Canadian Thistle, and Bindweed.
  • Meet with County Commissioners as necessary to inform of weed control progress
  • Meet with City Manager to review city noxious weed control plan - March & October
  • Meet with township boards during March to determine effectiveness of common and noxious weed control of previous year. Request the amount of funding for present year.
  • Meet with Cedar Bluff manager each year to check on their control of noxious weeds.

VI. Prevention

We do not have anything planned to feed or harvest equipment inspections at this time.

VII. Facilities & Equipment

Trego County Noxious Weeds department has no plans for facility improvements.

All Noxious Weed vehicles shall be maintained monthly. The existing equipment is in good condition and is washed and waxed annually prior to winter storage. Any maintenance work is also done prior to winter storage. The equipment is re-checked in the spring and maintained on a daily basis when spraying.

VIII. Personnel

The department staff will include the weed director, and one year round secretary, one seasonal employee will be hired during spraying season.

IX. Training and Professional Development

  • District meeting will be attended monthly when work permits.
  • Annual state weed conference will be attended.
  • Attend national NAWMA conference each year when work permits.
  • Maintain membership in state organization.