Landfill Dumping Rules

  • See the operator before dumping. Loads need to be inspected before dumping.
  • All trash must be bagged. Loads must be tied down or tarped.
  • Accepted Materials and Separation Requirements:
    • Wood for the Burn Pit - Trees and brush only. no lumber of any kind, which includes treated lumber, plywood, pallets, particleboard, paneling, 2 x 4's, 2 x 6's, etc. Unaccepted materials will be disposed with the trash.
    • Clean Metals - This includes household appliances (such as, stoves, ovens, water heaters) water pressure tanks, stock tanks, sheet metal off vehicles, and almost any kind of light metal. Refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners must have freon removed and red tagged before they can be disposed of. Gas cans and fuel tanks must be emptied, crushed or cut up before they can be disposed of or they cannot be accepted.
    • Household Hazardous Waste - Notify operator of any household hazardous waste materials which includes items such as, herbicides, pesticides, paints, cleaning supplies, household products, fuel, acids, chlorinated products, poisons, batteries, antifreeze, and used oil. Ask the operator if there are any questions on any item. no charge for the proper disposal of household hazardous waste at the household hazardous waste building to private individuals.
    • Tires - Car, truck, and tractor tires are accepted for a fee. You must see the operator before unloading tires.
    • Grass, Leaves, and Garden Waste - These items will be put in the Compost Pile. no trash, limbs, or trash bags are allowed in the compost materials.
    • Waste to be Burned - All waste that is not within the definition of wood, clean metals, household hazardous waste, tires, grass, leaves, and garden waste as listed above. This waste will be buried.
    • Oil Filters - Filters are to be turned upside down and drained for at least 24 hours before being disposed.
  • All waste materials brought to the Trego County Landfill shall be separated prior to dumping, as provided above, or there will be a $50 fee assessed to dumping, to cover the County's cost of properly disposing of waste materials.
  • E-waste (electronic waste) - Is generally considered to be computers and related electronic equipment, however, there are a broad range of items including televisions, video cassette recorders, stereos, radios, cell phones, PDAs, DVD players, electronic games and more. These items have some salvage value and tend to fill up the landfill if not properly disposed. An e-waste trailer is located at the landfill and we ask that these items be placed in this trailer.

Please Note

Any chemicals or household hazardous materials should be used for its intended purpose or disposed of properly to avoid possible contamination at the Trego County Landfill. This will help the County keep your landfill open for the least possible cost and for the longest possible time.

There is no charge to private individuals for clean wood, clean metals, compost materials, or waste to be buried as long as they are separated correctly and placed in the right locations.