Controlled Burns

Controlled Burn Information

  • Prior notification to the Trego County Communications Center at 785-743-5721, providing the following information:
    • Name, address and phone number of responsible person.
    • Exact location of opening burning operation.
    • Type of material being burned.
    • Time of burning operation.
  • The responsible person shall remain in continuous attendance with the burning operation and with the ability to extinguish the fire if necessary. After the burning is completed the responsible party will let the Communications Center know it is extinguished.
  • No burning shall take place within 150 feet of any structure, oil tank, vehicle or federal or state highway.
  • Wind shall be forecasted throughout the burn period of less than 15 mph, and Rangeland Fire Index shall not be in the Very High or Extreme range. Moderate is preferred.
  • Open Land burning shall not commence until one hour after sunrise and shall be extinguished no later than one hour before sunset.
  • Brush and pit burning may commence one hour after sunrise and may continue after dark, but must have constant adult supervision.
  • No burning of tires, painted lumber, appliances, shingles or other non-authorized materials, per KDHE regulations.
  • Burns started when Burn Ban is in effect will be issued a citation by the Sheriff's Department and charged reimbursement costs by the fire department.
Any person in violation of this resolution will be issued a citation from Sheriff's Department or be charged reimbursement by the fire department, or both. Minimum of $500 fine. (See policies for reimbursements rates.)

At any time there is more than one agency responding to any fire call, a temporary burn ban will be come in effect until the fire is under control and supporting agencies have been dismissed from the scene.

Policies for Unauthorized Controlled Burns

Fire Department reimbursement rates for unauthorized controlled burns:
  • $150 per fire unit per hour
  • $10 per firefighter, per hour
Any resident or landowner of Trego County may request fire department standby on controlled burns based on availability of fire department equipment and personnel at same rate of unauthorized burns.

Monthly Meetings

  • Training - Trainings are held once a month for department firefighters.
  • Programs are given at the WaKeeney Schools during Fire Prevention Week