Kansas State Parks Passport

Beginning in 2013, vehicle owners were able to purchase a Kansas State Parks Passport when registering a new vehicle or renewing a registration.

The Kansas State Parks Passport allows a vehicle owner to enter any of Kansas' 25 state parks for an entire year. The park pass expires when the vehicle registration expires.


The parks pass costs $15.50 and 50 cents goes to the county treasurer's office as a service fee for processing the sale.

Cost Savings

It is cheaper for a vehicle owner to buy a Kansas State Parks Passport during a registration renewal than to buy it directly from the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT). An annual parks pass purchased directly from KDWPT costs $25 and a daily permit $5, including processing fees.

Seniors & Persons with Disabilities

Kansas residents who are at least 65 years old, or persons with disabilities who display a state-issued special license plate or placard, will want to buy their parks pass directly from KDWPT or one of its vendors. Including processing fees, a vehicle parks pass for persons in either of these categories will be $13.75 a year or $3.25 a day. These lower-price permits will not be available with the vehicle registration process.


Customers with questions about the Kansas State Parks Passport can call the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism at 620-672-5911.