Application Procedures

No work can begin before application and fee is processed by the appraiser's office.
  • Obtain a Tax Rebate Incentive (NRP) booklet and application forms from the County Appraisers office or Trego County Economic Development. Please click below on Part 1 (PDF), Part 2 (PDF) and/or Part 3 (PDF) for application forms.
  • Before construction begins complete Part 1 (PDF) of the application form, pay the $25 application fee and submit both to the County Appraiser's office. This must be done in order to see if the project meets the criteria for a tax rebate.
  • Upon commencement of construction, complete Part 2 (PDF) of the application and file a copy with the County Appraiser's Office.
  • If the improvement is partially completed on or before December 15, file Part 3 (PDF) of the application with the County Appraiser's Office. No rebate is given for a partially completed project.
  • If the improvement is completed on or before January 1, before the start of the tax rebate period, file Part 3 of the application with the County Appraiser's Office before December 31.
  • Upon filing Part 3 (PDF) of the application and determination of the new value of the property, the County Appraiser will notify the County Clerk and the property owner if the project meets eligibility requirements. Upon timely payment in full of the property tax for the subject property for the initial and each subsequent year, the tax rebate will be made to the property owner within a 30 day period following the date of tax determination by the County.